2009 KOTH Super Mod Needle Video


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pony: Todd, E3, finished first in the street rods. I tried to build one of those once and it was a disaster. May 1, 2017 10:27:15 GMT -7
pony: Jewkes' prep he offers on the eliminator wheels is excellent. I know of at least three guys in the eliminator finals that used it and was very successful. I don't know what's In it, but it's faster than anything I have. May 1, 2017 12:39:28 GMT -7
Vitamin K: So wait, Pony, were your cars in the MA running on Jewkes prep? May 5, 2017 10:01:14 GMT -7
pony: Yes, Derby Dandy was. May 5, 2017 20:23:12 GMT -7
PDDR: Congrates to PONY and ZEEBZOB for some new TRACK RECORDS !!!!!!!!!!! Got NOS ? May 14, 2017 12:06:13 GMT -7
mrb: Congrats Pony for the wins in Pure Stock and Modified! May 16, 2017 10:15:44 GMT -7
mrb: My PS car Azul is in need of a re-prep to get it back to Track Record setting form. But with my luck, after re-prep it will be slow! May 16, 2017 10:22:48 GMT -7
pony: I'm beginning to hate repreps. They usually end up slower for whatever reason. There's no choice but reprep when the cars start to slow. It's the way of the world. May 16, 2017 18:28:15 GMT -7
pony: I'll be fishing this summer quite a bit, but I hope to have a cheap, safer and faster axle prep later. May 17, 2017 15:20:15 GMT -7
mrb: Once I get my PS and Mod cars back from the race, they will be getting axle and wheel re-preps. Everyone is faster now so I have to re-prep and hope they are not slower. May 18, 2017 10:24:36 GMT -7
PDDR: May race video is up ^ May 21, 2017 15:17:12 GMT -7
PDDR: Next Saturday June 17 2017 ...... PDDR Summer Shootout... Come Race the SPEEDWAY Vroom Jun 8, 2017 20:08:46 GMT -7
mrb: I don't know if I will have my modified prepped in time for the race, but I re-prepped my PS. But you know how those go, sometimes the car is faster sometime it's not. I would love to get a PS Summer Shootout Title. Win or lose good luck to all on the 17th Jun 9, 2017 10:42:37 GMT -7
mrb: My Pure Stock arrived to the PDDR race site. Jun 16, 2017 10:39:20 GMT -7
pony: The Silly Putty still involves a hand drill so it needs adult supervision. Chuck the axle and hold it against the Silly Putty for about ten seconds to be sure it transfer. You have to wipe the axle down with a micro fiber cloth afterwards. It's a fait Aug 20, 2017 8:16:25 GMT -7
Vitamin K: Silly Putty? Well, it does contain silicone oil... Aug 23, 2017 14:09:55 GMT -7
quaddad: I am looking at this Door Slammr' rule "Additional materials may be added as long as they meet the Car Dimensions above" ... so you could put a 2" thin piece of wood in front of an otherwise 7" car and be legal ?? Sept 6, 2017 12:07:06 GMT -7
PDDR: Legal ? ----- Yes :) (:)) ----- 9" total maximum length. Sept 6, 2017 20:23:04 GMT -7 *
PDDR: Hemi Dodge Charger SuperBird model is 9" Sept 6, 2017 20:24:53 GMT -7
PDDR: 69 Camaro's are around 7" Sept 6, 2017 20:25:44 GMT -7